Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Seek Break from Media Scrutiny

After a whirlwind September filled with travels and public appearances, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have noticeably toned down their public presence in October.

The reasons behind this retreat can be multifaceted, as suggested by royal expert Aricia Skidmore, who co-hosts the Even the Royals podcast.

Skidmore speculates that part of this shift may stem from the couple’s desire for a well-deserved break following their intense schedule in the previous month.

“I’d like to think they’re taking some time to themselves after traveling around so much the past month,” she shared with Daily Express US.

Indeed, their September was nothing short of hectic, with the royal couple jetting off to multiple destinations, including Germany, New York City, and the Caribbean, all within a few weeks.

Such extensive travel in a short span can be physically and mentally draining, even for high-profile individuals like Harry and Meghan.

However, Skidmore suggests that the decreased public profile is likely more than a recuperative measure.

She believes that the couple may be intentionally avoiding the media spotlight due to the persistent harsh scrutiny they’ve faced.

It’s not a secret that Meghan and Harry have been criticised for their back-to-back trips, with some accusing them of hypocrisy in light of their environmental advocacy.

The media, in various forms, has not been kind. Even scripted TV shows, like a recent segment on Family Guy, have taken jabs at them in an unflattering manner.

“I would hope they don’t watch it since it doesn’t paint them in a great light, but I also would hope they don’t care enough to be embarrassed,” Skidmore commented on the Family Guy skit.

She hopes they are resilient in the face of such criticism and mockery.

Ultimately, Aricia Skidmore wishes that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can let the negativity slide off their shoulders.

 She recognizes that the media, be it news or scripted TV, often runs with narratives that serve their purposes.

Harry and Meghan, experienced in dealing with media scrutiny, might remain unbothered and continue living their lives on their terms, regardless of what’s being said or portrayed.

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