Prince Andrew Clashes with King Charles Over Residence Amid Sarah Ferguson’s Health Battle

In a surprising turn of events, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, is in a clash with King Charles III over his residence at Royal Lodge.

Despite an agreement from the King, Andrew is determined to hold on to the large home, creating a power struggle within the royal family.

Expected to vacate Royal Lodge this year, Prince Andrew seems to be emptying the house in the Windsor Estate.

The Duke’s stance has raised eyebrows, especially as King Charles III is willing to accommodate him for a little longer due to his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson’s ongoing battle with breast cancer.

The situation has left many wondering if Andrew will ever leave the abode.

According to Rachel Bownie, co-host of Royally Obsessed, the Duke’s adamant stance on needing a “very large house” indicates that he may not have any plans to relinquish his living arrangements.

Adding further insight, royal author Charles Lownie reveals that Andrew’s refusal to budge from Royal Lodge is part of a broader power and status game with King Charles.

Despite unfavorable optics, Prince Andrew seems willing to dig his heels in and maintain his residence.

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