No Late-Night Calls: Kate’s Stand Amidst Royal Rift

Amidst the swirling rumors about late-night conversations between Kate Middleton and Prince Harry, an expert sheds light on the truth behind the speculations.

Contrary to recent reports, the Princess of Wales has not engaged in such late-night calls with her brother-in-law.

According to insider insights shared by Kinsey Schofield to Fox News, the claims of these late-night exchanges hold no merit. It appears that the Princess of Wales has not been in contact with the Duke of Sussex in this manner.

Schofield further elaborates that Kate Middleton, known for respecting Prince William’s feelings, wouldn’t take action behind his back.

The supposed conversations have generated interest, especially given the complex relationships within the royal family.

Moreover, it’s noted that Prince William and Kate Middleton do not regularly receive updates about Prince Harry and Meghan’s situation. Thus, Kate wouldn’t be aware of any difficulties Prince Harry might face.

Insider insights also delve into Kate’s feelings amidst the ongoing rift. It’s suggested that Kate feels frustrated about the lack of communication and blames Meghan, to some extent, for the current state of affairs between the royals and Prince Harry.

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