No Late-Night Calls: Kate Middleton and Prince Harry Reconciliation Rumors Debunked

Recent reports suggesting that Princess of Wales Kate Middleton and her brother-in-law Prince Harry have been engaging in secret late-night calls to reconcile their differences have been debunked by royal expert Kinsey Schofield.

Kinsey Schofield, the host of the To Di For Daily podcast, has revealed that her contacts within Kensington Palace have confirmed that these reports hold no truth.

The rumors of Kate Middleton’s efforts to mend the strained relationship between Harry and the royal family have been dismissed.

Addressing the claims, Schofield stated that Kate Middleton’s alleged late-night calls to Prince Harry are not grounded in reality. She emphasized that Kate deeply respects Prince William’s sentiments and would not use tacticians behind his back.

Schofield further discredited the notion of Kate Middleton making late-night calls, stating that leaving her bed to make such calls is implausible and far-fetched.

Earlier, sources cited by Closer magazine had asserted that Kate Middleton had been in touch with Prince Harry, encouraging him during challenging times and advising him not to be overly concerned about temporary setbacks.

Additionally, it was reported that she had made late-night phone calls to persuade Prince Harry to reconcile with King Charles and Prince William.

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