Nick Kroll’s Net Worth, Life, Career, and Biography

Nick Kroll, the accomplished American comedian and actor, boasts a net worth of $18 million. His journey from New York to Hollywood is a captivating tale. With hit shows like “Kroll Show” and “Big Mouth,” he’s created unforgettable characters. Beyond the screen, he’s an author and voice actor. Discover the man behind the laughs and his multi-faceted career.


Nick Kroll is a name that resonates in the world of comedy and entertainment. This versatile American comedian and actor has tickled our funny bones and amassed an impressive net worth of $18 million. From his early beginnings in Rye, New York, to creating iconic characters on shows like “Kroll Show” and “Big Mouth,” Nick Kroll’s journey is a fascinating exploration of talent, humour, and success. This blog will dive deep into his life, career, and biography to uncover the man behind the laughter.

Quick Bio

NameNick Kroll
Nick Kroll’s Net Worth$18 Million
Date Of BirthJun 5, 1978
Height5 ft 10 in
ProffessionScreenwriter, Actor, Comedian, Voice Actor, Television producer
Social AccountInstagram, Twitter

Early Life

Nick Kroll’s journey in the comedy world began on June 5, 1978, when he was born in the picturesque town of Rye, New York. But his early life was shaped not just by his birthplace but also by his remarkable family background.

Nick hails from a family that’s no stranger to success. His father, Jules B. Kroll, is a businessman and is often credited with pioneering the corporate investigation industry. He’s the billionaire founder of Kroll, Inc., a prominent corporate consulting firm that he sold for a staggering $1.9 billion in 2004.

Growing up, Nick was immersed in a Conservative Jewish family. He had the privilege of attending esteemed private schools like the Solomon Schechter School of Westchester (now The Leffell School), Rye Country Day School, and The Mountain School in Vershire, Vermont. His academic journey continued at Georgetown University, where he majored in history and minored in art and Spanish.


Nick Kroll’s foray into the comedy world was marked by a steady climb to stardom, with an array of notable achievements.

His professional comedy career kicked off as a writer for sketch comedy shows like Comedy Central’s “Chappelle’s Show” (2003-2006) and MTV’s “Human Giant” (2007-2008). This early experience laid the foundation for his unique brand of humour and set the stage for a remarkable career.

Nick Krolls Net Worth Life Career and Biography 1

In late 2008, Nick joined forces with Aziz Ansari on Ansari’s “Glow in the Dark” comedy tour, enhancing his skills and expanding his reach. Notably, he honed his craft through regular performances at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York City and Los Angeles.

As a live performer, Nick is celebrated for his distinctive blend of standup and sketch comedy, where he embodies various comedic characters. Many of these characters took centre stage in “Kroll Show,” his sketch comedy series on Comedy Central from 2013 to 2015. Moreover, he wasn’t just the star of the show but also its creator, with Jonathan Krisel and John Levenstein serving as executive producers.

Some of his most beloved characters include Bobby Bottleservice, featured in several Funny or Die videos, and Gil Faizon from “The Oh, Hello Show.” This comedic act was a joint creation with his partner John Mulaney, and it saw them tour the country, appear on numerous television shows, and even have their off-Broadway play at the Lyceum Theatre from September 2016 to January 2017.

But television isn’t the only realm where Nick Kroll has made a mark. He is best known for his starring role in the FXX comedy series “The League” (2009-2015) and has made appearances in a diverse range of shows and films, including “Cavemen,” “Parks and Recreation,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

One of his standout roles is as a voice actor in the Netflix animated series “Big Mouth,” which he also co-created, executive produced, and wrote for. On this show, Nick lends his voice to various characters, including Nick Birch, Maurice the Hormone Monster, and Coach Steve.


Nick Kroll’s career has been punctuated by notable achievements that showcase his comedic prowess and creative talent.

One of his most prominent achievements was the creation and success of “Kroll Show,” his very own sketch comedy series on Comedy Central that aired from 2013 to 2015. In addition to being the show’s star, Nick was also the brains behind it, serving as its creator. The show was co-executive produced by Jonathan Krisel and John Levenstein.

“Kroll Show” introduced audiences to many memorable characters, each a testament to Nick’s comedic range. Among these characters, Bobby Bottleservice became a fan favourite, featured in numerous videos on the Funny or Die website. The show also featured Gil Faizon of “The Oh, Hello Show,” a comedy act Nick co-created with John Mulaney. This act involved Nick playing the role of Gil Faizon and Mulaney portraying the character George St. Geegland, both elderly men from Manhattan known for their misinformed beliefs, distinctive turtleneck fashion, and signature greeting, “Oh, hello.”

This success extended beyond television as “The Oh, Hello Show” took to the stage and even had its off-Broadway play, “Oh, Hello,” which ran at the Lyceum Theatre from September 2016 to January 2017.

Besides his contributions to television and live performances, Nick Kroll is also a published author. He co-authored the book “Bar Mitzvah Disco: The Music May Have Stopped, but the Party’s Never Over” in 2005, alongside Roger Bennett and Jules Shell. This literary venture showcased his creative talents beyond the screen, further establishing him as a multi-faceted entertainer.

Personal Life

Beyond the spotlight, Nick Kroll’s life offers a glimpse into the man behind the comedic genius, marked by interesting dating history and intriguing real estate ventures.

In the realm of dating, Nick has had high-profile relationships. From 2013 to 2015, he was romantically involved with fellow comedian and actress Amy Poehler. Their relationship is even mentioned multiple times in Poehler’s 2014 memoir, “Yes Please,” offering a unique insight into their time together.

Nick Krolls Net Worth Life Career and Biography 2

Nick’s personal life took another turn in late 2018 when he began dating landscape artist Lily Kwong. Their relationship continued to flourish, and in early 2020, the couple made a significant decision – they moved in together. This decision coincided with the beginning of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, marking a new chapter in their journey as a couple.

Aside from his love life, Nick Kroll has also made some intriguing real estate investments. In 2012, he purchased a home in Los Angeles’ Los Feliz neighbourhood for $1.5 million. However, in October 2020, he listed this home for sale at a considerably higher price of $2.3 million.

But that’s not the end of his real estate endeavours. In July 2020, Nick took a significant step by upgrading to a new home in the same Los Feliz neighbourhood. The new property was listed at a whopping $5.895 million, and Nick secured it for $6 million after outbidding several competitors. These real estate ventures showcase another facet of his life outside of comedy and acting, adding a layer of intrigue to his journey.

Legacy and Future Endeavors

Nick Kroll’s legacy in comedy and entertainment is already firmly established. His remarkable career, from creating and starring in “Kroll Show” to voicing characters in “Big Mouth,” has left an indelible mark on the industry.

However, it’s not just Nick who’s making waves. Mention should also be made of his brother, Jeremy Kroll. In 2009, after selling his first business, Jeremy and his father embarked on a significant business venture by launching K2 Intelligence. In this venture, Nick’s brother, Jeremy, holds the role of Chairman, while he serves as CEO and Co-founder.

What sets K2 Intelligence apart is its focus on updated, technology-driven solutions for intelligence and investigations. According to Fortune, Jeremy Kroll is known for pioneering a social network that enables the company to tap into foreign expertise as needed. Furthermore, he’s working on enhancing online identity verification, making these processes more secure and reputable.


Nick Kroll’s journey, from his roots in Rye, New York, to his net worth of $18 million, showcases a remarkable blend of talent and hard work. With iconic shows like “Kroll Show” and “Big Mouth,” he’s firmly established himself in the entertainment world. As we look to the future, the Kroll family’s innovative ventures, led by his brother Jeremy, hint at even more exciting chapters in their collective story. Nick Kroll’s life enduring power of humour and creativity.


What is Nick Kroll’s net worth?

Nick Kroll’s net worth is estimated to be $18 million. He has achieved this through his successful career in comedy, acting, and entertainment.

Which famous shows and movies is Nick Kroll known for?

Nick Kroll is renowned for his work in “Kroll Show,” “Big Mouth,” and “The League.” He has also appeared in various films and television series, showcasing his diverse talents.

What are some of Nick Kroll’s notable characters?

Some of Nick Kroll’s most beloved characters include Bobby Bottleservice and Gil Faizon from “The Oh, Hello Show,” which he co-created with John Mulaney. These characters have become iconic in the world of comedy.

What is Nick Kroll’s personal life like?

Nick Kroll has been in high-profile relationships, including dating comedian and actress Amy Poehler from 2013 to 2015. He is currently dating landscape artist Lily Kwong. His personal life also involves real estate investments, with homes in Los Feliz, Los Angeles.

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