Missed Opportunity: Could Prince Harry Have Prevented Megxit?

New insights from Prince Harry’s memoir have sparked discussions about the possibility of him preventing Megxit, even if it meant venturing “too far out on a limb.”

In the memoir, the Duke expressed his yearning for freedom from the British press and the supposed “public interest” that fueled relentless media coverage.

Royal commentator Daniela Elser reflected on this desire for escape in a piece for

She mused that sending the Duke and Duchess to Africa could have been a perfect solution, allowing them to work on causes they deeply cared about away from the palace’s spotlight.

It could have led to a cooling of tempers, letting go of past hurts and resolving contentious issues.

Elser acknowledged that Africa wouldn’t have been a magic fix for all problems, but she believes it could have been a vital step in preventing Megxit.

The peaceful environment and opportunities for meaningful work might have provided the couple with the space they needed to find common ground and navigate their challenges.

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