Missed Opportunity: Could Africa Have Saved the Royal Family from Megxit?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to step back from their royal duties and move away from the UK, famously known as “Megxit,” left many wondering if there was a way to prevent such a dramatic departure from the Royal Family.

According to reports, there was a potential solution that could have sustained the Duke and Duchess of Sussex within the royal fold.

In 2019, the couple was in discussions with authorities about a plan involving moving to Africa. The roles they would have taken on included charity work, promoting the Commonwealth, and representing the UK.

Royal expert Daniela Elser reflects on this missed opportunity: “While Africa may not have been a miraculous fix, it could have been a pressure valve, preventing the tensions and conflicts that eventually led to Megxit.”

The idea of Prince Harry working on a conservation project in Africa was particularly appealing. According to author Valentine Low, this path might have brought more happiness to the prince.

However, it’s speculated that Meghan Markle wasn’t on board with the plan.

Elser suggests that embracing the African opportunity could have diffused tensions between Harry and the other royal family members.

It might have also addressed criticisms of their lavish lifestyle, including using private jets.

The Africa plan, though not guaranteed to resolve all issues, could have offered a potential compromise that allowed the couple to remain part of the royal family while pursuing their passions.

Unfortunately, the plan wasn’t pursued, and the rest is history. As Megxit unfolded, the world watched as Harry and Meghan embarked on a new path, separate from their royal duties and responsibilities.

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