Meghan’s Movie Night Out: ‘Barbie’ Fun

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, celebrated her upcoming 42nd birthday with a delightful girls’ night at a Santa Barbara theater.

According to reports, Meghan was accompanied by her close friend Portia De Rossi and a few other girlfriends as they gathered to watch the film ‘Barbie,’ starring the talented Margot Robbie.

As the Duchess enjoyed her movie night, her husband, Prince Harry, opted to stay home, allowing Meghan to spend quality time with her pals.

However, Harry’s absence didn’t dampen Meghan’s spirits, as she relished the evening of laughter and fun.

Following the movie, Meghan joined her friends at the elegant San Ysidro Ranch Hotel in Santa Barbara.

The former US actor made memorable moments with a bachelorette group celebrating at the hotel.

One onlooker shared that Meghan graciously approached the bride, offering her heartfelt well-wishes on her special occasion.

The presence of the Duchess added an extra touch of glamour to the bachelorette’s celebration, leaving everyone in awe of her warmth and charm.

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