Meghan’s Emotional Shift Leaves Prince Harry with Nowhere to Hide

In Montecito’s royal household, the winds of change are blowing, leaving Prince Harry with “absolutely no way to run,” according to royal expert Jan Moir.

Amid tensions within the Sussex residence, Moir sheds light on Meghan Markle’s alleged distancing.

Moir’s observations in the Daily Mail highlight a notable shift in Harry and Meghan’s dynamic during recent public appearances.

While Meghan previously showered Harry with molten adoration, the latest encounters reveal a faint undertow of awkwardness and distance that was previously unseen.

The royal commentator, honest and forthright, admits to welcoming this newfound briskness in their public relationship.

Past displays of adolescent affection and moony spoony behavior left even the most romantic hearts uneasy.

Yet, she acknowledges the importance of such displays in establishing the Sussex brand as a heroic, loved-up couple.

But as the course of their true love encounters rough waters, Moir raises the question: where does that leave Harry and Meghan? With Meghan seemingly pulling back, the couple faces uncharted waters in their journey together.

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