Meghan Markle’s Unforgettable Encounter: Sophie’s ‘Scathing’ Look

An unexpected moment unfolded during Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s final Royal appearance as senior members at the Commonwealth Day service in 2020.

The now Duchess of Edinburgh, Sophie Wessex, gave Meghan a chilling look that caught the attention of social media users, resurfacing in viral videos.

Expert Robert Lacey’s observations shed light on the dynamics of the event. Meghan appeared to maintain her “best TV smile,” but Harry’s demeanor turned gloomier as the ceremony progressed, with signs of possible tears held back.

Adding to the tension, the Sussexes were stopped from joining the procession before the event, prompting Prince William and Kate to offer support.

Lacey’s analysis also highlights Harry’s tense and unsmiling expression, especially when his brother, William, sat close to him with a minimal greeting.

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