Meghan Markle’s UK Absence Raises Questions: What’s Behind the Decision?

As Prince Harry prepares to return to the UK for the WellChild annual awards, experts question Meghan Markle’s conspicuous absence from the event, prompting speculation about her decision.

Royal commentator Daniela Elser delves into Meghan Markle’s absence and offers insights into this intriguing choice in her recent piece for

In the upcoming weeks, Prince Harry, also known as the Duke of Sussex, is set to attend the WellChild Awards and deliver a speech.

Despite the anticipated media coverage surrounding the event, the Duchess of Sussex won’t be joining him by his side. Instead, Meghan has opted to meet Harry in Dusseldorf a few days later for the Invictus Games.

Elser’s piece raises questions about Meghan’s decision to forego an opportunity to shine alongside her husband. She discusses the possible motivations, particularly when considering the UK’s public opinion of Meghan.

With 68 percent of the population reportedly holding an unfavorable view of her, the author wonders if Meghan might be avoiding a nation where her reception may be lukewarm.

Elser’s analysis points out that Meghan’s reception in the UK might not be as welcoming as desired, considering the prevailing sentiments among the public.

The decision to skip the WellChild Awards raises eyebrows and invites speculation about the dynamics of Meghan’s relationship with the UK and her strategies for navigating public perception.

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