Meghan Markle’s Rule-Breaking Stunt Sparks Outrage and Rumors

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is under fire for breaking the rules in an apparent attempt to steal the spotlight from Kate Middleton.

Royal author Lady Colin Campbell and commentator Phil Dampier are among those who disapprove of Meghan’s latest move.

Lady C accused Meghan of deliberately flouting the “no dogs allowed” policy at a Montecito Farmers Market, where she made her first public appearance after her Netflix series failed to receive an Emmy nomination.

The royal commentator claimed that Meghan wanted to overshadow Kate and garner more publicity by breaking the rules.

Phil Dampier echoed the sentiment, suggesting that Meghan’s dog appearance aimed to keep her in the limelight while diverting attention from Kate’s recent appearance at Wimbledon.

He also raised concerns about Meghan’s absence at the upcoming Invictus Games, speculating that it might indicate trouble in her marriage to Prince Harry.

Meghan’s rule-breaking stunt drew criticism from royal experts and reportedly angered locals in Montecito, where she resides with Harry and their children.

Despite the market’s “no dogs allowed” policy, Meghan brought one of her pet beagles, accompanied by her security team.

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