Meghan Markle’s Royal Website Update: A Subtle Shift in Status

The digital realm of the British royal family recently witnessed a subtle yet intriguing update. Meghan Markle’s official page on the royal website has undergone discreet changes, shedding light on her evolving status within the royal fold.

For a while, the Duchess of Sussex’s webpage remained untouched, causing speculation to swirl.

Many wondered if this hiatus was a deliberate choice following the passing of Queen Elizabeth, signifying a symbolic pause in updates.

Until early June, the description on Meghan’s page stated, “They [Harry and Meghan] are balancing their time between the United Kingdom and North America, continuing to honor their duty to The Queen, the Commonwealth, and their patronages.”

However, an interesting shift has taken place since.

An eagle-eyed media and public noticed that a noteworthy alteration had occurred. The Queen’s name has been replaced with the term “Monarch,” signaling a subtle change in how Meghan Markle’s role is now being represented.

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