Meghan Markle’s Rising Ambitions: Is She Growing Tentacles into Fashion?

In a fascinating and candid interview with Slingo, former royal aide Paul Burell delves into Meghan Markle’s aspirations and potential career paths.

Burell believes that the Duchess of Sussex is gradually extending her reach in the beauty and fashion industries, aiming to establish herself as a multi-faceted celebrity akin to Victoria Beckham.

Expressing his long-standing prediction, Burell imagines a future where “Meghan” or “Duchess” branded beauty products grace dressing tables worldwide, much like Victoria Beckham’s successful foray into the fashion world.

Burell raises thought-provoking questions about Meghan’s ambitions, wondering if she seeks to join the elite circle of fashion moguls.

He highlights her celebrity status and ponders whether she aims to expand her influence and impact by venturing into new arenas.

Drawing parallels to Meghan’s path, Burell remarks that this journey is just one step on the ladder of her burgeoning career.

With the potential to scale to the top, Meghan Markle’s ambitions seem boundless, and her continuous growth could lead her to new heights.

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