Meghan Markle’s Quest to Become the Next Princess Diana Sparks Backlash

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has often faced criticism and scrutiny, but her recent endeavours to mirror the iconic Princess Diana have drawn a fresh wave of backlash.

As she joined her husband, Prince Harry, at the Invictus Games, the former actress found herself under the spotlight once again, this time for her apparent efforts to step into the shoes of the beloved Princess of Wales.

Critics argue that Meghan’s aspirations to be seen as the new Princess Diana are misguided and reflect her lack of popularity in the United Kingdom.

Ex-Tory minister David Mellor, in particular, did not mince words when he analyzed Meghan’s appearance at the Invictus Games.

He accused her of attempting to become the “people’s Princess” through what he deemed “desperate” efforts.

According to Mellor, Meghan had a simplistic view of becoming part of the royal family, believing that all she needed to do was “doll herself up and smile to the camera” to emulate Princess Diana’s popularity.

However, such a strategy has proven far from effective.

A renowned biographer, Tom Bower, also weighed in on Meghan’s quest to establish herself as the new Princess Diana.

In his book “Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and the War Between the Windsors,” he revealed that Prince Harry had hoped his fiancée would be seen as similar to his late mother, Diana.

Unfortunately for Harry, those closest to Diana, including her brother Earl Charles Spencer, her sisters Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Baroness Jane Fellowes, and her dear friend Julia Samuel, did not perceive any significant likeness between Meghan and the beloved princess.

Moreover, they believed Meghan would struggle to fit in with the royal family, contradicting Harry’s expectations.

Bower’s account highlights the disconnect between Meghan’s self-perception and the views of those intimately acquainted with Diana.

It suggests that Meghan’s ambitions to become the next Princess Diana may be more of a personal desire than a widely accepted reality.

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