Meghan Markle’s Political Aspirations Unveiled: A Royal Transition Beyond Hollywood

In an unexpected twist, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, is reportedly exploring a potential career in US politics rather than returning to Hollywood, according to royal expert Nick Bullen.

As the co-founder of True Royalty TV, Bullen shared some intriguing insights with Fox News Digital, revealing that Meghan is actively reaching out to people in hopes of securing political positions.

He confidently stated, “I’ve heard from some very reliable sources that she is writing to people to try and secure political positions.”

This revelation brings to light Meghan’s ambitious plans beyond royalty and entertainment. Bullen firmly believes that politics is on her radar, which appears to be a strong aspiration for her future.

Regarding Meghan and Harry’s future endeavors, Bullen predicts that the power couple will take separate professional paths.

The once-thriving brand “Sussex” is seemingly losing its luster, leading them to concentrate on building their brands to reclaim lost ground.

This speculation comes shortly after Valerie Biden Owens, sister of US President Joe Biden, publicly encouraged Meghan to consider a political career, emphasizing her potential appeal to voters.

Moreover, author Omid Scobie, a friend of Meghan and Harry, had previously hinted at Meghan’s interest in aiming for the US presidency.

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