Meghan Markle’s Lavish ‘Gazebo’ Party Canceled Amid Spotify Fallout

In a dramatic turn of events, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were forced to call off their extravagant 4th of July party just days before it was set to take place.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had planned a lavish gathering at their California home, complete with erected gazebos for a night of celebration.

Sources revealed that the couple had a “huge party planned at their home, which they cancelled just three days out.”

While the exact reason for the cancellation wasn’t explicitly stated, it was implied that Meghan had “no choice but to cancel.”

The cancelation comes when Meghan and Harry face financial constraints to support their lavish lifestyle in California.

Their deal with Spotify ended abruptly after they failed to release content as per their contract, leading to a mutual agreement to part ways.

The fallout from their Spotify deal appears to have significantly impacted the couple’s plans and financial situation, prompting them to reassess their expenditures.

While the dreamy gazebo party may have been a casualty of these circumstances, it remains unclear what other adjustments the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will make to maintain their lifestyle.

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