Meghan Markle’s Inspired Gesture: A Royal Connection with Kate Middleton

The relationship between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle may have been the subject of media speculation. Still, a new revelation suggests that the Princess of Wales might have inspired Meghan in a subtle yet significant way.

Judi James, an author and body language expert, pointed out that after her wedding day, Meghan adopted a gesture resembling one made by Kate.

James observed that Meghan was using a “small body barrier” strategically to divert attention away from her belly area.

This gesture could have responded to the common question of married couples: “When will you have a baby?”

Meghan tactfully navigated any prying eyes by placing her clutch bag just below her waist and using it as a shield.

James remarked, “With her head shaded by her large, angled hat, she holds Harry’s arm for balance as she descends the stairs in her heeled court shoes.

The clutch bag was a favorite of Kate Middleton’s and like Kate, she carried it as a small body barrier just below her waist.”

Apart from this intriguing connection, both royal women share a favorite designer in Roland Mouret, a French fashion designer.

Over the years, Meghan and Kate have been spotted in Mouret’s elegant and timeless creations, whether for red carpet events or royal tours. His classic designs have complemented the individual styles of both duchesses.

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