Meghan Markle’s Impact: A Royal Rivalry with History

Meghan Markle’s actions and their perceived impact on the monarchy have sparked comparisons to historical figures, highlighting the extent of her influence on the royal family’s reputation.

Royal commentator Daniela Elser delves into this intriguing perspective in her recent piece on

Elser’s analysis highlights the undeniable shift that has unfolded over the past couple of years, as Prince Harry and Meghan publicly diverged from traditional royal norms.

Unlike before, this bold departure from established protocols has caused ripples of change.

With an eye on history, Elser suggests that Meghan’s actions have inflicted more damage on the monarchy’s standing than even the actions of Oliver Cromwell, a historical figure known for signing the death warrant for a reigning King of his time.

She draws a provocative parallel, emphasizing the magnitude of the shift brought about by the Sussexes.

Elser also points to recent incidents, such as the controversy surrounding Meghan’s website reworking, which she believes strengthens the Sussexes’ arguments about the royal institution’s dismissive approach to their work.

Whether deliberate or accidental, the outcome perpetuates a perception that the palace is downplaying Meghan’s contributions, a stance that is seen by many as counterproductive.

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