Meghan Markle’s Heartbreaking Red Carpet Snub: A Moment of Controversy

Once upon a time, Meghan Markle, the beloved Duchess of Sussex, faced a heartbreaking moment on the red carpet alongside her husband, Prince Harry.

The incident occurred during a 2019 event in Morocco, leaving Meghan devastated.

As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived at the red carpet event to inspect a guard of honor, a suspicious and unexpected turn occurred.

Meghan was seemingly asked to leave the red carpet quickly by a staff member while Harry continued with the inspection.

Wearing a stunning red bespoke Valentino dress, Meghan appeared upset and heartbroken as she walked away from the red carpet.

The incident triggered massive reactions from royal fans, leading to speculation about its reasons.

Some suggested that the gesture was made out of consideration for Meghan’s pregnancy. The hosts might have wanted her to feel comfortable and not overexert herself during the event.

However, others were unconvinced by this explanation and alleged that the incident resulted from Meghan’s non-royal background.

Whatever the truth, the moment left a mark on Meghan’s heart, giving rise to mixed emotions and even some resentment towards Harry and other royal family members.

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