Meghan Markle’s Grand Ambitions Beyond Hollywood: A Political Path?

Meghan Markle’s ambitions reach far beyond Hollywood’s glitz and glamour, with speculation suggesting she has her sights set on something much more significant.

True Royalty TV co-founder Nick Bullen has stirred the conversation by alluding to the possibility of Meghan’s interest in political positions, even hinting at the top role in the Oval Office.

In a revealing interview with Fox News Digital, Bullen shared insights into the potential timeline of this intriguing shift and its possible consequences.

He stated, “I’ve heard from some very reliable sources that she is writing to people to try and secure political positions. I think that is absolutely an ambition for her.”

Bullen elaborated on the evolving dynamics of the Sussex brand, mentioning, “I think you’ll see [the Duke and Duchess of Sussex] working much more separately because brand Sussex is definitely on the wane.”

The co-founder of True Royalty TV also posed a captivating scenario, pondering the implications if Meghan were to achieve a political position, potentially even the presidency.

He mused, “Imagine a world in which she does make it to the White House. [Prince] Harry is the first husband.

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