Meghan Markle’s Divorce Plan: Blaming Prince Harry Amid Rumor Frenzy

The rumor mill has been abuzz with speculations about the state of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage, especially since their business deals took a hit.

While sources have denied any immediate separation, an insider hinted at a possible “trial separation,” with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex taking time apart to work on their relationship.

Royal biographer Angela Levin, who isn’t surprised by the divorce rumors, believes Meghan Markle is strategically planning to place the blame on Prince Harry if a split is officially announced.

Levin shared her insights during an interview with GB News, suggesting that Meghan operates along two parallel lines.

As Prince Harry prepares to head to South Africa to work on a Netflix documentary about his late mother, Princess Diana, Meghan’s decision to let him go alone raises eyebrows.

Levin explained that Harry’s journey to honor his mother’s legacy is a significant and emotional task, and he would need support.

The biographer revealed that Harry still mourns Princess Diana and feels her presence guiding him.

Levin questioned Meghan’s absence during this crucial period and opined that it could be a tactical move to portray the separation as a temporary measure, intending to reconcile later.

However, she emphasized that the situation could be more complex, especially if Harry is away from his family and children for an extended period.

Levin found this circumstance “very, very strange” and raised concerns about the impact on their young children if their father’s absence extends too long.

While Africa holds sentimental value as a place where the couple strengthened their bond, Levin doubts if Meghan is keen to return there for a stint sleeping under the stars.

Instead, the expert hinted at Meghan’s intention to blame Harry for various issues.

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