Meghan Markle’s Decision Not to Return to the UK Sparks Strong Reactions

Meghan Markle’s alleged decision not to return to the UK due to her hesitance to curtsy to Kate Middleton has ignited a wave of reactions from royal enthusiasts.

A New York Post report titled “Prince Harry, Meghan Markle won’t return to UK because she won’t ‘curtsy’ to Kate Middleton” has prompted fans to voice their opinions. One fan commented,

“Meghan believes she should walk ahead of Harry and be the first to speak. So it’s not surprising she resents Catherine’s place in the hierarchy.”

This viewpoint highlights Meghan’s perspective on her role within the royal family and how it may influence her choices.

Another fan expressed a different perspective, stating,

“She wanted in to the royal family, and she got what she wanted — a title. But no American is going to refer to her as ‘duchess.’ So unless she returns to the UK, no one is going to call her that. The royal family is a strict hierarchy. Did she think she was going to get around that? That she was somehow going to be on the same level as Kate? That would be naive. She knew that Kate would one day be the queen. Maybe that’s why she left the UK because reality finally set in.”

This comment delves into the expectations surrounding Meghan’s entry into the royal family, emphasizing the challenges of navigating royal protocols.

A third comment highlighted the importance of humility, stating,

“Refusing Royal Protocol is only one of many excuses. It takes humility, which arrogant Meghan doesn’t have.”

This perspective raises questions about the role of humility in adhering to royal traditions.

Lastly, a fan contrasted the two women, saying,

“Kate has so much more class than Meghan.”

This comment compares Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, touching on their perceived differences in demeanor and behavior.

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