Meghan Markle’s Changing Alliances: Accusations of Predatory Behavior Emerge

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is again finding herself amid controversy. Former royal butler Paul Burrell has made shocking allegations, claiming that Meghan uses people for her motives and then discards them like predators.

Burrell expressed his concerns on GB News, stating,

“People are beginning to feel they are being used by Meghan. Meghan is a predator. She will use people and drop them when she’s finished with them. She sucks them dry, and then, they’ll be gone.”

This accusation comes after Meghan’s interactions with Hollywood celebrities, where she seemingly cultivated relationships to boost her popularity.

While forging connections with high-profile individuals is not uncommon, the term “predator” implies a calculated and self-serving approach.

Burrell didn’t stop there; he also commented on Meghan’s recent feud with David Beckham and Victoria Beckham.

He pointed out that the Beckhams, who are A-list celebrities in their own right, no longer seem eager to associate themselves with Harry and Meghan. Despite attending the royal wedding, their relationship appears to have cooled.

“The Beckhams don’t need Harry and Meghan. They’re A-list celebrities in their field,” Burrell remarked.

He highlighted the changing dynamics, suggesting that the Beckhams and other celebrities who once shared close ties with the Sussexes are reconsidering their association.

This situation raises questions about Meghan’s approach to relationships within the entertainment industry and the consequences of using connections for personal gain.

As Meghan continues to navigate her public image and build her brand post-royalty, these allegations could impact her standing in both Hollywood and the public eye.

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