Meghan Markle’s Big American Adventure: Experts Compare It to Prince Edward’s Semicolon Life

Royal commentator Daniela Elser hilariously sheds light on an unexpected comparison between Meghan Markle’s “Big American Adventure” and Prince Edward’s seemingly uneventful existence.

In a witty piece, she humorously explores the dynamics of their respective royal journeys.

Elser playfully suggests that Prince Edward might secretly be relieved by the recent developments in the royal realm.

For years, he was like a “semicolon” in the monarchy, often overlooked and forgotten. However, all that changed with the advent of Meghan and Harry’s journey to America.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have undertaken an adventurous quest, crossing oceans and facing the bustling traffic of Los Angeles, all in pursuit of a new life.

Elser humorously compares their pursuit to Harold Godwinson’s struggle against the Norman Conquest, adding a touch of historical humor.

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