Meghan Markle’s Bid to ‘End’ a 500-Year-Old Empire: Fact or Fiction?

Are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s ambition to conquer Hollywood as powerful as it seems? A royal expert, Daniela Elser, delves into the couple’s ventures and their immense influence in the entertainment world.

In her compelling piece for, Elser makes an intriguing comparison, mentioning how historical empires like the Roman and Persian endured for centuries, and modern entities like Andy Cohen’s “Real Housewives” franchise continue to thrive after two decades.

She parallels the Sussexes and highlights their 1000-plus days in the American commercial empire-in-the-making. But the pressing question emerges, is their ambitious empire already showing signs of crumbling?

What was once an exciting journey, with Meghan and Harry hailed as thrilling hires seems to have taken an unexpected turn.

The royal couple faces criticism from Hollywood powerhouses and grapples with potential losses of tens of millions of dollars.

As Elser wonders what led to this souring, she delves into the accusations surrounding the couple’s bid to ‘take-over’ Hollywood. Are they aiming to “end” a 500-year-old empire, or is it merely a speculation-fueled narrative?

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