Meghan Markle’s Alleged Role in the Beckham Rift: TV Presenter Reveals Surprising Claims

TV presenter Lizzie Cundy brings shocking claims to light, suggesting that Meghan Markle played a role in causing a rift between Prince Harry and the Beckhams.

In her interview with The New York Post, Cundy discusses the dynamics of Meghan’s relationships with friends and the Beckham family.

Cundy notes that many of Meghan’s friends, including the Beckhams, have seemingly drifted away since the royal wedding.

However, she dismisses the idea that Victoria Beckham would leak stories, as the Beckhams are known to be “big family people.”

The presenter reminisces about the first meeting between Meghan and Victoria Beckham, describing Meghan’s excitement as she squealed in delight.

Cundy emphasizes that Victoria wouldn’t need to resort to leaking stories, as her status and reputation speak for themselves.

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