Meghan Markle’s Alleged Role as a Royal Family ‘Risk’ Sparks Speculation

Royal commentator Daniela Esler raises alarms about Meghan Markle’s potential impact on the Royal Family as Omid Scobie’s upcoming book, “Endgame,” promises to shed light on internal turmoil and outdated practices within the institution.

Esler describes Scobie as a “staunch Sussex sympathiser,” believing he has become a de facto mouthpiece for Meghan and Prince Harry.

The book is touted as a revelation of infighting, family deterioration, and threats to the monarchy’s future.

The blurb for “Endgame” asks a critical question: Does the Royal Family have what it takes to save the monarchy amidst the turmoil?

As speculation swirls around the potential revelations in Scobie’s book, concerns grow about how Meghan’s alleged involvement might impact the Royal Family’s reputation and stability.

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