Meghan Markle Rediscovers ‘Tig Lifestyle’ in Solo Pursuits

In an intriguing display of body language, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, was recently seen on a shopping trip that seemed like a deliberate attempt to revisit her former life as a successful career woman running her lifestyle blog, The Tig.

Body language expert Judi James analyzed Meghan’s behavior during the outing and noted that she exuded an air of “idealized” shopping, confidently acknowledging the camera rather than avoiding it.

Unlike her husband, Prince Harry, who often conceals his identity with baseball hats and shades, Meghan appeared comfortable and unafraid to show her face to the public.

Dressed in a tan-hued maxi dress with an unbuttoned white shirt, carrying a sustainable straw handbag, and wearing black flip-flops, Meghan seemed to be embracing a more casual and accessible style, almost as if she were still a part of a Netflix series.

However, according to James, her attempt to conceal her identity with a large handbag didn’t quite achieve its purpose.

The body language expert further speculated that Meghan’s current trajectory is moving towards the “Tig lifestyle route,” signifying a possible return to her former successful brand.

This solo outing may be Meghan’s way of showcasing her relatable side rather than just her regal one, hinting at a new chapter in her life as she embraces her pursuits.

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