Meghan Markle Pursues Hollywood Comeback, Distances from Prince Harry

Meghan Markle, the former Duchess of Sussex, is reportedly taking steps to prioritize her Hollywood ambitions, even if it means distancing herself from her husband, Prince Harry.

An insider has suggested that Meghan’s desire for a successful acting career has led her to focus on her professional journey.

While Meghan has been eyeing substantial Hollywood projects, her ongoing feud with the Royal Family has posed challenges, tarnishing her reputation, even in the United States.

As a result, she has received advice to chart a course separate from Prince Harry to rebuild her career, according to sources cited by In Touch Weekly.

The insider revealed that Meghan and Harry have encountered setbacks in Hollywood, with their production company being criticized and labeled a “flop.”

Despite their public appearances together, tensions are reportedly running high behind closed doors. Meghan is said to blame Harry for their predicament, leading to frequent disputes, particularly about financial matters and unsuccessful projects.

The source further disclosed that Meghan has been advised that distancing herself from Harry could be the key to rejuvenating her career.

Notably, Meghan’s earlier show, “Suits,” achieved significant success after being featured on Netflix. She aims to reinvent herself entirely and aspires to become a global celebrity influencer.

While Prince Harry continues to work with charities he supported during his tenure as a working member of the royal family, it’s apparent that Meghan’s solo projects are garnering more attention.

The insider noted that their team’s focus has shifted towards highlighting Meghan’s endeavors rather than their joint efforts.

Meghan’s determination to rebuild her acting career and carve her path in Hollywood underscores her commitment to personal growth and success.

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