Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Future Return to Britain in Doubt

In a surprising revelation, royal biographer Andrew Morton has cast doubt on the possibility of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ever returning to Britain.

Citing concerns over royal protocols and personal lives established in California, Morton shared his insights in a recent interview with Sky News.

Morton, renowned for his collaboration with Princess Diana on “Diana: Her True Story” in 1992, was asked whether Meghan and Harry would consider returning to the UK. His response was both candid and thought-provoking.

The biographer stated, “What, and have Meghan Markle curtsying to Kate Middleton?” This candid remark sheds light on the potential protocol complications if the royal couple were to return to the UK.

Under royal protocol, Meghan Markle would be required to curtsy to her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, once Middleton ascends to the throne as queen consort.

This traditional gesture, deeply ingrained in royal customs, symbolizes respect and hierarchy within the family.

However, Morton’s comments underscore the complex dynamics surrounding Meghan and Harry’s royal departure and their life choices in California. The couple has forged an independent path since stepping back from their roles as senior royals.

Morton noted that Meghan and Harry have created their own lives, carved out their sphere of influence, and established their own companies while residing in California.

This newfound autonomy has allowed them to pursue personal and professional endeavors, significantly diverging from the traditional roles expected within the royal family.

The biographer’s observations highlight the unique position in which Meghan and Harry find themselves.

While they remain, members of the royal family, their relocation to California and pursuit of individual careers have led to questions about their future roles and responsibilities.

It’s important to recognize that Morton’s remarks offer a perspective on the potential challenges Meghan and Harry might face if they return to the UK.

The issue of curtsying, while symbolic, encapsulates broader questions about their status within the royal family and the adaptations required for their return.

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