Meghan Markle Accused of Clinging to Prince Harry’s Title

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is facing criticism from royal commentator Angela Levin for allegedly clinging to Prince Harry’s title and using it to her advantage.

Levin began her critique by expressing her frustration at Meghan’s appearance at The Invictus Games last year, where she stated,

“I am furious that she’s going to the Invictus Games.”

Levin didn’t stop at Meghan; she also had strong words for Prince Harry, urging him to step out of Meghan’s shadow.

According to Levin, Harry should take center stage and find joy in himself rather than appearing as “some sort of common servant” trailing behind Meghan.

Levin’s message to Meghan was clear: She should allow Prince Harry to have his spotlight, as Meghan frequently takes the stage and talks to large audiences about courage and resilience.

In Levin’s eyes, Meghan’s behavior is ironic and would be comical if it weren’t so unfortunate. Levin asserted that Meghan lacks courage and resilience and tends to complicate things.

Levin also suggested that Meghan is trying to hold onto her title by clinging to Prince Harry’s coattails.

The criticism raises questions about Meghan’s role in the royal family and how she uses her position and title.

It’s a reminder that titles and privileges within the royal family come with responsibilities, and how they are wielded can impact public perception.

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