Meghan Markle Accused of Being ‘Fake and Phony’ by Royal Expert

Meghan Markle faces criticism from royal expert and commentator Angela Levin, who accuses her of appearing insincere and artificial when standing beside Prince Harry.

During an interview with Sky News, Levin made these claims, expressing her views on Meghan’s demeanor about her husband, Prince Harry.

Levin began by highlighting what she sees as Meghan’s self-assuredness and Prince Harry’s apparent agreement with her opinions.

She noted that Prince Harry appears overly accommodating to Meghan, and she believes he should take a step back from such behavior.

The crux of Levin’s argument revolves around Meghan’s perceived absence from Prince Harry’s significant events and endeavors.

Levin pointed out that Meghan has seemingly kept her distance from Prince Harry’s activities, including promoting his memoir, “Spare,” and his court appearances.

Even at important royal events like the coronation, Meghan was noticeably absent.

Levin emphasized that during these crucial moments, when Prince Harry needed the support of his wife, Meghan was nowhere to be found.

This absence made Levin question Meghan’s authenticity, especially in light of her alleged efforts to be present for significant events.

Levin believes that Meghan’s attempt to be present at key occasions might come across as inauthentic and insincere. She cautioned that appearing “phony beyond phony” is not the image that Meghan should project.

This critique highlights Meghan Markle’s scrutiny as a member of the royal family. It raises questions about her role within the family and how her actions and presence are perceived in the public eye.

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