Meghan and Harry’s Hollywood Empire: Is it Crumbling?

Buckle up, for the power play between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the heart of Hollywood is causing quite a stir.

As the royal couple’s American commercial empire-in-the-making surpasses the 1000-day milestone, speculations about its potential to rival ancient empires are flying high.

Royal commentator Daniela Elser weighs in on the matter, highlighting the remarkable trajectory of this Hollywood venture.

Comparing it to illustrious empires like the Roman and Persian, she delves into the 500-year dominance of these historical giants.

Yet, in just over a thousand days, the landscape for Harry and Meghan seems to be shifting rapidly, giving rise to the question: is their empire already crumbling?

The initial excitement surrounding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Hollywood journey has waned as Hollywood powerhouses openly critique their moves, and financial risks loom large.

The once thrilling prospect of their venture now faces challenges, with potential losses of tens of millions of dollars on the horizon.

The expert ponders the swiftness of the transformation from Hollywood’s most exciting hires to the subjects of criticism.

She delves into the reasons behind the souring sentiment, leaving readers with a lingering question: what caused the rapid decline of Meghan and Harry’s empire?

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