Meghan and Harry’s Greatest Asset: The Tale They Gave Away?

In the world of royals and narratives, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry once possessed a priceless asset—their own story.

But royal commentator Daniela Elser now questions whether they squandered it away, seemingly for free.

Elser’s thought-provoking piece for delves into the significance of the infamous Oprah interview, which might not have been part of a meticulously planned master strategy as previously thought. Instead, it appears to have been a pivotal moment in the duo’s journey.

The prime-time special seemed to have given away the essence of their tale—the story that made them unique. And worse, it was revealed without cost to the world, stripping their account of its intrigue and value.

As the Sussexes went on to explore similar themes in subsequent outings like the Armchair Expert podcast, The Me You Can’t See, Harry & Meghan, and Spare, their brand started taking a negative turn.

The repetitive drumbeat of negativity and complaints painted an image that overshadowed the essence of their unique narrative.

The consequence of revealing too much too soon left a little surprise for the world when their paid content eventually rolled out in 2022.

Their tale of royal indifference, unconscious bias, and leaked information became familiar territory.

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