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Love Island Stars Olivia Hawkins and Casey O’Gorman Unveil Exciting Podcast Project

Love Island stars Olivia Hawkins and Casey O’Gorman have sparked intrigue among fans with affectionate snapshots.

The duo, who appeared on the winter 2023 series of the show, have been sharing photos on social media, leaving many to speculate about a potential reunion.

However, they have recently clarified that the photos are part of an exciting new project they are collaborating on. Taking to Instagram, Hawkins explained, “Just to clarify, Casey and I are not back together. We are working on a project together, and these photos are from that.”

The project in question is an upcoming podcast titled “The Love Island Pod,” where Hawkins and O’Gorman will delve into their Love Island experiences and provide advice for fellow contestants.

The podcast is scheduled to launch on July 11, 2023.

Though fans may be disappointed that a romantic reunion is not on the cards, they eagerly await the podcast’s debut.

Comments from fans expressed a mix of emotions, with one saying, “So sad you’re not back together, but I’m excited for the podcast!” Another fan added, “I’m glad you’re still working together; you’re such a good match.”

“The Love Island Pod” is expected to captivate enthusiasts, offering intriguing insights into Hawkins and O’Gorman’s journeys on the show.

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