Love Island Star Paige Thorne Shockingly Denied Return to Paramedic Job

In a surprising turn of events, Paige Thorne, a contestant from the 2022 season of Love Island, has opened up about the shocking reason why she could not resume her career as a paramedic after her time on the show.

Having worked as a paramedic for three years before joining the Love Island villa for season 8, Paige had initially planned to return to her job.

However, her employers had other ideas and were reluctant to have her back.

During an appearance on the Not My Bagg podcast, Paige shared her disappointment, saying, “I was like, ‘I’ll go back to being a paramedic,’ but my job was like, ‘Don’t really want you to do that ‘cos you post pictures in bikinis.'”

The revelation left Paige devastated, considering the hard work and training she had put into becoming a paramedic.

It was disheartening to have her commitment questioned simply because of her social media presence.

Fans expressed disappointment with the NHS’s decision, particularly given the worsening ambulance waiting times.

Many argued that the focus should be on retaining well-trained staff rather than concerning themselves with employees’ Instagram accounts.

Suggestions were made that asking Paige to maintain a more modest social media presence would have been a fair compromise.

The incident has also sparked discussions about gender bias, as previous male contestants, such as Alex George, were able to resume their careers in healthcare without similar backlash.

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