Love Astrology Unveiled: Psychic Predicts Turbulence in Meghan and Harry’s Relationship

As rumors swirl around Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s marriage, celebrity psychic Inbaal Honigman offers intriguing insights into Meghan’s love life.

The psychic predicts a potentially turbulent period for Meghan during August due to the planetary alignment of Venus in retrograde.

Inbaal explains that Venus retrograde can disrupt the natural flow of love, leading to feelings of instability in relationships.

August, mainly on Meghan’s 42nd birthday, August 4th, sees Venus retrograde, amplifying potential misunderstandings and challenges in love matters.

Notably, Meghan, a Libra, and her son Archie, a Taurus, are ruled by the planet Venus, making them more susceptible to the impact of this astrological phenomenon.

Similarly, Leos, like Meghan, given that Venus is in the sign of Leo throughout the retrograde, may also experience romantic complexities.

The uneasy time around love is expected to last until September 3rd, 2023, when Meghan’s relationship with Prince Harry might face its share of tests and trials.

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