Lori Harvey’s Net Worth, Career, Life, and Biography

Lori Harvey, the American model, has come a long way from her early days in Memphis. Lori Harvey’s net worth turned to $43 million, and she’s made a name for herself in the fashion industry, gracing runways at Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks and even securing an upcoming Dolce & Gabbana campaign. Inspired by her family and equipped with a unique sense of style, Lori is set to conquer the fashion world. Her assets and investments are impressive, but she also carries loans from her ambitious business ventures. Lori Harvey’s story is a tale of determination and hard work.


In the spotlight of the fashion world, Lori Harvey shines as an American model with an intriguing journey. With a net worth of $43 million, she’s more than just a pretty face on the runway. Join us as we delve into the various facets of Lori’s life, from her early beginnings to her soaring career. We’ll uncover the story of a young woman who has not only made her mark in the modelling industry but also carries a fascinating family legacy that’s influenced her path to success. Lori Harvey’s story is one of ambition, style, and a net worth that reflects her remarkable journey.

Quick bio

NameLori Harvey
Lori Harvey’s Net Worth$43 Million
Date Of Birth13 January 1997
Social AccountsInstagram
ProfessionModel, entrepreneur, Influencer
Height1.60 m (5 ft 3 in)

Early Life and Family

Birth and Upbringing in Memphis

Lori Harvey’s journey begins in Memphis, where she was born on January 13, 1997. Growing up in the heart of Tennessee, she was exposed to the rich culture and vibrant atmosphere of the southern city. This early environment would play a significant role in shaping the woman she would become.

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Relationship with Her Stepfather, Steve Harvey

A notable aspect of Lori’s family life is her relationship with her stepfather, Steve Harvey. Steve, a renowned comedian, television host, producer, actor, and author, is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. His influence, guidance, and the wealth of experience he brought to the family undoubtedly had a profound impact on Lori’s ambitions and success. She’s been able to draw from his wisdom in navigating the world of fame.

Influence of Her Mother, Marjorie Harvey

Lori’s mother, Marjorie Elaine Harvey, is a multifaceted individual, wearing hats as a fashion designer, blogger, stylist, and internet personality. Marjorie’s sense of style and grace has influenced Lori’s choices and aspirations in fashion. Lori’s mother played a vital role in shaping her daughter’s taste and love for fashion.

Equestrian Background and Her Career Decision

Before venturing into the world of modelling, Lori was an avid equestrian. Her passion for horse riding took her on a different path, but in 2015, a horse-riding accident marked a turning point in her life. Following the accident, Lori decided to focus her energy on a full-time modelling career. This significant decision paved the way for her remarkable success on the runways and in the fashion world. Lori’s transition from equestrian pursuits to the glamour of modelling is a testament to her adaptability and determination.

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Modelling Career

The Start of Her Modeling Journey

Lori Harvey’s modelling journey commenced at an astonishingly young age, beginning at the tender age of three. This early introduction to the world of fashion and beauty provided her with invaluable experience and knowledge. It was evident from the start that Lori possessed a natural aptitude for modelling, setting the stage for her future in the industry.

Runway Appearances at Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks

Lori’s ascent in the modelling world reached incredible heights as she graced the runways at Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks. These iconic events represent the pinnacle of the fashion world, and Lori’s presence at such esteemed shows underscores her status as a notable model. Walking for renowned brands in these global fashion capitals is a testament to her talent and versatility.

Upcoming Dolce & Gabbana Campaign

The crowning jewel of Lori’s modelling career is her upcoming campaign with the prestigious fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana. This collaboration signifies her ascent to the upper echelons of the industry. The Dolce & Gabbana campaign recognises her exceptional talent and appeal in the fashion world, setting her apart as a coveted figure in the modelling world.

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Influences and Style Inspiration

Lori’s sense of style and fashion is influenced by her family, particularly her mother, Marjorie Harvey. Her impeccable taste and style choices have left a mark on Lori’s fashion sense. Lori is known for pushing the boundaries with her chic selections. Her ability to blend classic elegance with contemporary trends has made her a style icon. As she continues to evolve in her career, her influences and style inspiration will undoubtedly shape her unique presence in the fashion world.

Lori Harvey’s Net Worth and Assets

Lori Harvey’s Net Worth and Sources of Income

Lori Harvey’s net worth stands at an impressive $43 million, a testament to her burgeoning success in the modelling industry. Her income streams are diverse, primarily fueled by her thriving modelling career. With an annual income of $8 million, she has secured her financial foothold. Lori’s earnings are boosted by her $4 million salary, making her one of the notable young models in the business.

Details About Her House in Memphis

Lori Harvey’s residence in Memphis is nothing short of luxurious. Her 6,400-square-foot house, acquired for $8 million, showcases her penchant for opulence. The property boasts five bedrooms, six bathrooms, two plunge pools, a 10-seater dining room, a spacious balcony, and more. Her home is a testament to her success and a testament to her financial prowess.

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Real Estate Properties, Cars, and Investments

Lori Harvey’s financial portfolio extends beyond her modelling career. She owns seven real estate properties, demonstrating her commitment to wise investments. In addition, Lori is the proud owner of an array of cars, including a Lamborghini Aventador, a Porsche Panamera, and other luxury vehicles. Her investment portfolio comprises eight stocks, including names like Cognizant, FedEx, Microsoft, Costco, and IBM, with a total value of $10 million.

Overview of Loans and Liabilities

Lori’s financial journey is not without its share of liabilities. In pursuing her education, she once took a student education loan amounting to $35,000. However, she swiftly repaid this loan after gaining popularity in the modelling industry. Additionally, Lori Harvey ventured into business expansion, borrowing a substantial $5 million for her entrepreneurial endeavours and media ventures. This loan remains outstanding with Citi Bank and is included in the calculation of her net worth. Lori’s financial decisions and ability to manage her loans and liabilities exemplify her financial responsibility and independence.

Key Highlights and Quotes

Lori Harvey’s Career Highlights

Several significant milestones have marked Lori Harvey’s journey in fashion and modelling. Some of her most notable career highlights include her appearance at the Met Gala in 2017, a prestigious event attended by the who’s who of the fashion and entertainment industry. Additionally, she has graced the runways at both the Milan and Paris Fashion Shows, showcasing her modelling prowess on a global scale. These achievements underscore her rising star status in the fashion world.

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Some of Her Memorable Quotes

Lori Harvey’s journey to success is not only marked by her career but also by her insightful and relatable quotes. Here are a few memorable ones:

  • “Maya Angelou, the original #PhenomenalWoman, would’ve been 90 years old today. Not only was she an iconic poet & author, but she also was a civil rights leader. In this urgent moment let’s remember what she taught us: phenomenal black women will be seen & heard and #wewillrise.”
  • “Finally finished binge-watching This Is Us, and I’ve never been on a more emotional rollercoaster in my life.”
  • “I’m so excited to be the latest @patmcgrathreal #McGrathMuse! Wearing the all NEW #PMGDecadence Mothership IV: Decadence Eye Palette and LUST: #MatteTrance lipsticks, launching tomorrow.”
  • “Who can guess what I’m gonna be for Halloween? I have one costume for during the day and one costume for tonight.”
  • “Negative people are literally a disease trying to spread their bitterness on everyone else. Keep that energy away from me, please.”

Life Lessons We Can Learn from Her Success

Lori Harvey’s journey imparts valuable life lessons:

  • A Calm Mind: Lori believes that a calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, which are vital for good health.
  • You Can’t Buy Everything: All the money in the world can’t buy good health, emphasizing the importance of taking care of oneself.
  • Fashion Statement: A fit, healthy body is the best fashion statement. Lori’s focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle highlights the significance of physical well-being and its connection to personal style.
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In the captivating journey of Lori Harvey’s life, we’ve explored the facets of her remarkable career, her upbringing, and the sources of her net worth. From her early days in Memphis to her runway appearances at prestigious fashion weeks, Lori Harvey has showcased her modelling talent on a global stage. Her upcoming campaign with Dolce & Gabbana is a testament to her rising star in the fashion industry. Lori’s family, including her stepfather Steve Harvey and her mother, Marjorie Harvey, have played pivotal roles in shaping her style and ambitions. Her career and financial achievements are balanced by her ability to manage loans and liabilities, exemplifying her financial responsibility and independence. As Lori Harvey continues to ascend in her career and life, her story serves as a beacon of ambition and the pursuit of dreams.


What is Lori Harvey’s net worth?

As of the most recent data available, Lori Harvey’s net worth stands at $43 million.

How did Lori Harvey start her modelling career?

Lori Harvey began her modelling journey at the age of three, and she has worked with renowned agencies such as LA Models and Select Model Management.

What are some of Lori Harvey’s career highlights?

Lori Harvey’s career highlights include gracing the runways at both the Milan and Paris Fashion Shows, as well as her upcoming campaign with Dolce & Gabbana. She also made an appearance at the prestigious Met Gala in 2017.

Who are Lori Harvey’s influential family members?

Lori Harvey’s stepfather is the well-known comedian, television host, and producer Steve Harvey. Her mother, Marjorie Harvey, is a fashion designer, blogger, and stylist who has also had a significant influence on Lori’s sense of style.

What are some of Lori Harvey’s memorable quotes?

Some of Lori Harvey’s memorable quotes include her thoughts on phenomenal black women being seen and heard, her experiences with binge-watching TV shows, and her excitement about being a brand ambassador for Pat McGrath.

What life lessons can we learn from Lori Harvey’s success?

Lori Harvey emphasizes the importance of maintaining a calm mind for inner strength and self-confidence. She also reminds us that good health is invaluable, and a fit, healthy body is the best fashion statement.

Can you tell us about Lori Harvey’s real estate holdings and investments?

Lori Harvey owns multiple real estate properties, including a luxurious house in Memphis. She has invested in stocks, including Cognizant, FedEx, Microsoft, Costco, and IBM. Her diverse investments contribute to her financial success.

How has Lori Harvey managed her loans and liabilities?

Lori Harvey took a student education loan earlier in her life but quickly repaid it after gaining popularity as a model. She also ventured into business expansion, taking a substantial loan, which she continues to manage responsibly. Lori’s financial decisions reflect her independence and responsibility.

What are Lori Harvey’s upcoming projects in the world of fashion?

Lori Harvey’s upcoming projects include a campaign with Dolce & Gabbana, which signifies her ascent to a prominent position in the fashion industry. Her admirers eagerly await her collaboration with this prestigious brand.

What is Lori Harvey’s ultimate message to her fans and followers?

Lori Harvey’s journey is not just about net worth; it’s about ambition, style, and the pursuit of dreams. Her story inspires us, encouraging us to prioritize well-being, confidence, and a healthy lifestyle in our own lives.

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