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Kristen Doute Rocks Iconic Green Dress from “Vanderpump Rules” in Nostalgic Fashion Statement

Kristen Doute, former star of “Vanderpump Rules,” has given fans a delightful blast from the past.

The 39-year-old reality star was spotted re-wearing her iconic green dress, famously worn during her split with Tom Sandoval in Season 3 of the show.

Taking to Instagram, Doute shared a video of herself again wearing the dress.

She conversed with longtime SUR manager Peter Madrigal outside the West Hollywood hotspot and reminisced about the dress’s significance.

Doute revealed that she had worn it on the day she broke up with Tom, adding that she chose to wear it again because she’s a badass.

The low-cut, halter-style skater dress held a special place in fans’ hearts and was even featured in the Museum of Broken Relationships in Los Angeles.

Doute and Sandoval had a tumultuous relationship that lasted from 2007 to 2013, and their breakup remains one of the most dramatic moments in “Vanderpump Rules” history.

Since then, both Doute and Sandoval have moved on. Doute is dating Alex Menache, while Sandoval is engaged to Ariana Madix.

Despite their respective journeys, Doute still cherishes the memories of the green dress. It serves as a reminder of when she was young, wild, and accessible.

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