King Charles’s Feud with Prince Harry May Persist Until Queen Camilla Forgives

Amidst the ongoing rift between King Charles and his estranged son, Prince Harry, a new layer of complexity has emerged.

The monarch may not be inclined to mend their strained relationship until his wife, Queen Camilla, forgives Harry for publicly criticising her in his tell-all memoir, “Spare.”

Insights from a royal insider shared with The Telegraph shed light on the current state of affairs within the royal family.

According to this source, King Charles and Prince Harry have had minimal communication, and even when they do converse, their interactions are extremely limited.

The source commented, “Communications between the king and Prince Harry remain pretty poor. They don’t speak much, if at all.”

In the past, before Prince Harry decided to step back from his royal duties in 2020 alongside Meghan Markle, King Charles used to schedule regular calls with both of his sons every Sunday.

However, the situation has significantly changed, with the insider stating,

“While he still converses weekly with William, there is remarkably little contact with his other ‘darling boy.'”

The longstanding feud between father and son has been exacerbated by Harry’s public criticisms, particularly those directed at Queen Camilla.

King Charles is known to be highly protective of his wife, and Harry’s attacks on her have strained their relationship.

“If there’s one thing that winds that man up, then it’s attacks on his wife. He’s very defensive of Camilla,” the source explained.

This deep-seated protectiveness is not limited to King Charles alone; it also extends to his elder son, Prince William.

Both Charles and William know the immense sacrifices their wives, Camilla and Catherine, have made as they entered the royal institution.

They understand that negative media coverage is par for the course, but the family turning against their own is an entirely different matter.

“Negative press coverage is one thing, but they don’t expect members of their own family to stick the boot in,” the insider emphasized.

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