King Charles’ Strategic Move: Appoints Key Figure Targeted in Prince Harry’s Book

The royal family dynamics take another twist as King Charles makes a strategic move, appointing Sir Edward Young, a figure allegedly targeted in Prince Harry’s memoir, to a prominent position.

The king’s decision to appoint Young as Permanent Lord in Waiting seems to be a calculated response to the recent tensions within the family.

The British media reports that this decision might not sit well with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as Sir Edward Young is perceived as one of their “biggest hate figures” within the palace.

This appointment serves as a tit-for-tat response to the revelations made in Prince Harry’s tell-all book, where he referred to Young as “The Bee.”

In his new role, Sir Edward Young will represent the King at various royal events when King Charles cannot be present in person.

This appointment showcases King Charles’ strategic approach to maintaining the delicate balance within the royal family.

A source shared with Daily Mail,

“His Majesty has great respect for Lord Young and is grateful for all the work he did for his mother, often under great pressure. This new honour is a reflection of that.”

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