King Charles Proud of Prince Harry’s Invictus Legacy

Britain’s King Charles is reportedly brimming with pride for his younger son, Prince Harry, ahead of the Duke of Sussex’s visit to the UK for the Invictus Games.

A close friend of the monarch and Queen Camilla shared insights into the King’s sentiments, stating that

“Charles was always incredibly proud of Harry for setting up Invictus, and remains so.”

The source, speaking to the Daily Beast, also expressed optimism about King Charles enjoying Prince Harry’s new Netflix docuseries, “Heart of Invictus,” if he finds the time to watch it.

It’s evident that the King views the Invictus initiative with a deep sense of admiration.

Furthermore, the insider debunked claims that Prince Harry has used the series to criticize his father, King Charles.

They emphasized that any such notion is an exaggeration and highlighted that Harry’s remarks in the series are a fleeting moment within hours of content.

The media, the source noted, has blown this out of proportion. They believe that, given King Charles’s extensive experiences over the last five decades, he is well-equipped to handle any minor critiques with grace and understanding.

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