King Charles Pays Tribute to Late Queen at Balmoral: A Traditional Protocol

As King Charles assumes his new role as the monarch of Britain, he embraces the heartfelt tradition set by his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, to honor her memory and pay tribute to her legacy.

Royal butler Grant Harold shares insights into the king’s holiday plans, revealing that the monarch will spend the entire summer at Balmoral, a place filled with cherished memories of his mother.

In the past, King Charles used to spend a week in Mey during the summer, but now he is devoted to following the “traditional protocol” established by his beloved mother.

Balmoral holds a special place in his heart, where he bid farewell to the Queen and where she spent her final days.

While the king has his own private home at Balmoral, he will fully embrace the solemnity and significance of the occasion by dividing his time between Balmoral and his home.

Balmoral Castle’s serene surroundings are a poignant reminder of the cherished moments shared with the late Queen.

King Charles will continue to uphold the tradition of arriving at Balmoral, symbolizing the continuation of a legacy that resonates deeply with the British people.

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