King Charles May Extend Birthday Greetings to Prince Harry

As Prince Harry’s 39th birthday approaches on September 15, speculation is mounting about whether his father, King Charles, will extend birthday greetings.

This gesture is possible from Grant Harrold, the monarch’s former butler.

Harrold believes that King Charles or even Prince William may choose to send a thoughtful message to Prince Harry on his special day.

In today’s digital age, it could be a text or an email. Harrold optimistically expresses his hope that such an outreach would occur.

When asked about the likelihood of Prince Harry receiving birthday wishes from his royal family, Harrold stated,

“Possibly. If they chat on WhatsApp, he might get a text, or he might get an email. I hope they do reach out.”

However, Harrold acknowledges the uncertainty that shrouds such personal matters within the royal family. He muses,

“I’d like William to pick up the phone to wish him a happy birthday. But you never know. We will probably never know.”

This potential birthday exchange could serve as a unique opportunity for reconciliation within the family. Harrold believes it’s a moment for King Charles to extend an olive branch, fostering a sense of unity.

It’s also a chance for Prince Harry to reciprocate similar sentiments on their birthdays.

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