King Charles’ Heartfelt Letter to Princess Diana on Their Wedding Eve

Step back in time to witness the heartwarming gesture of King Charles as he prepared to wed Princess Diana in the much-celebrated royal wedding of 1981.

Despite the marriage being arranged by their parents, the future King took it upon himself to express his love and support for his soon-to-be wife.

In a touching revelation by royal author Penny Junor, it is revealed that on the eve of their wedding, King Charles sent Diana a memorable note and a signet ring adorned with the Prince of Wales’s feathers.

The heartfelt letter conveyed the King’s pride in his soon-to-be bride and his promise to stand by her side at the altar.

The words written by King Charles echoed his unwavering support for Diana as she embarked on her royal journey.

He encouraged her to face the day confidently, advising her to look everyone in the eye and leave a lasting impression.

However, despite the fairytale-like beginning, the marriage between King Charles and Princess Diana faced difficulties, ultimately leading to their separation in 1992 after the birth of two children. Subsequently, King Charles went on to marry Queen Camilla in 2005.

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