Kim Kardashian Drops Bombshell Career Choice, Kardashian Clan in Shock

In a jaw-dropping revelation that left the Kardashian family reeling, Kim Kardashian dropped a bombshell during a recent episode of Hulu’s “The Kardashians.”

The eldest daughter and fashion mogul called for a family meeting, only to drop the news that she had decided to join the popular reality show, “The Bachelorette.”

According to Kim, she was approached directly by Rob Mills, an executive from Disney, who offered her an unexpected offer.

As she shared the details with her family, their disbelief was palpable. Kylie couldn’t hide her shock as she questioned, “You’re gonna do ‘The Bachelorette’?”

Displaying her trademark candor, Khloe firmly stated, “Kim, 100 percent you’re not doing that.” Even Kourtney chimed in playfully, exclaiming, “There’s no way you’re doing ‘The Bachelorette’!”

However, it was Kris Jenner’s reaction that stole the show. She was overwhelmed with shock and anger and said she would not stand for it.

“No, not happening. Nope!” Kris vehemently declared. As Kim’s mother and manager, she firmly put her foot down, stating that she was willing to take on any role but would not support this career move.

While fans speculated on whether Kim was truly serious or simply playing a prank on her family, many couldn’t resist the allure of the possibility.

One fan expressed skepticism, claiming, “I know her prank face when I see it, she is definitely pranking them.”

Others saw it as a publicity stunt but eagerly anticipated the outcome, with one fan stating, “Their ratings would be through the roof if she did it.”

As the Kardashian drama unfolds, fans await confirmation of Kim’s decision. Will she take on the challenge of finding love on national television? Only time will tell.

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