Kate Middleton’s Unsettled Heart: The Rift with Harry & Meghan

The royal drama continues! The future queen, Kate Middleton, seems caught in a whirlwind of emotions after Prince Harry’s shocking revelations.

The story goes that Kate isn’t quite ready to extend an olive branch to her brother-in-law and Meghan Markle.

According to royal expert Jennie Bond, who knows everything regal, Kate has been deeply hurt by Harry’s bombshell memoir and their Netflix documentary.

It seems the Prince spilt too much tea about the disagreements between him and William, leaving Kate seriously wounded.

In her own words to Bella Magazine via GB News, Jennie said,

“I think Catherine has been badly hurt by Harry’s brutal attacks on William, like his decision to reveal so much of what went on during their disagreements.”

And it doesn’t stop there—she added that Kate is upset and feels insulted by the whole situation.

Even more intriguing is that Jennie doesn’t foresee any peace-making gestures from Kate or Prince William toward Harry and Meghan shortly.

The rift seems to have deepened to a point where extending an olive branch feels nearly impossible.

And here’s the latest buzz: despite Harry and Meghan wanting to share Christmas with the family in the UK, there’s no invite.

It seems that King Charles is a bit hesitant about inviting them, fearing potential leaks to the press.

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