Kate Middleton’s Tennis Play Sparks Royal Instagram Follow

A delightful twist in sports and royalty unfolded recently as Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, began following tennis legend Roger Federer on Instagram.

This intriguing move came shortly after their friendly game of tennis and the Wimbledon tournament.

Observers couldn’t help but notice that the official Instagram account of the Prince and Princess of Wales added Roger Federer to their list of followed profiles, now comprising only 136 individuals.

This subtle but significant gesture has sparked curiosity and speculation among fans and royal enthusiasts alike.

While it remains unclear whether Kate Middleton herself initiated this decision, the royal couple’s social media activity continues to captivate the public.

Their official Instagram page boasts an impressive following of over 15 million users on the popular platform owned by Facebook.

This isn’t the first time Kate Middleton has made headlines in tennis. Her recent game with Roger Federer gained immense attention, making her tennis-related content the most viewed on Wimbledon’s social media and YouTube.

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