Kate Middleton’s Popularity Soars Amid Alleged Attitude Towards Meghan

The intriguing dynamics of the royal family have brought to light the contrasting popularity of Kate Middleton and the alleged attitude she is accused of harboring towards Meghan Markle.

The question arises: How does Kate’s popularity remain unaffected despite such claims?

Royal commentator and expert Daniela Elser delves into this phenomenon in a candid piece for

She highlights the recent numbers from the YouGov poll, shedding light on Kate Middleton’s standing amidst the alleged controversy.

According to the poll, Kate maintains a solid net approval rating of 35 percent. On the other hand, Meghan Markle’s approval numbers stand at 40 percent, with a disapproval rate of 23 percent, resulting in a net figure of plus 17.

Amidst these statistics, the intriguing factor is how Kate continues to garner popularity, especially in the US, despite the allegations made by the Sussexes.

These allegations include claims that Kate encouraged dressing up as a Nazi, had a cold demeanor towards Meghan and caused tensions over a bridesmaid dress.

The dichotomy between public perception and alleged attitudes raises questions about the authenticity of such claims.

It leaves room for contemplation about the intricate dynamics within the royal family and the way media narratives shape public opinion.

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